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Originally Posted by slickone View Post
Let me guess you are young, under 30.

Please educate yourself more on the situation. Sounds rude, but if everyone did it would really pay off.

Oil is a worldwide commodity, with worldwide influences.
So.. China and India demand caused the price to suddenly skyrocket? Wouldn't this change be gradual? Wouldn't the price of all energy types go up? Has Chinese coal production gone down suddenly? Did the number of cars in the world go up enough to account for this? Why did the analysts not see something so predictable coming? Note that the price of propane, while rising, has not seen anywhere near the increase in oil. The price of coal has not gone up so much. The price of other things like wood pellets for heating has stayed the same. So.. we're not talking the energy market in general, we're talking oil.

Instability in Iraq has been a significant contributor to the meteoric rise we're seeing in oil. That would be the incredible stupidity of W. Bush making one of the biggest blunders in the last 100 years in play. I hope the Christian right is happy with their president because he sure screwed the rest of us. I suppose we could also expect our country to improve relationships with supplier states like Venezuela, Iran, and doing our part to stabilize Nigeria, but that is light years ahead of this bunch.

Yes.. educating ourselves is good. So is sorting fact from opinion and the way some wish for it to be versus the way it is. If we're smart enough to pick a 1 series, we're smart enough to not believe the sound bites and BS that this government tells us because the real reasons remind us of what losers they are.