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Your reference mentions oil spills including pipelines, storage tanks and industrial plants”. These spills are not from drilling off the coast they are from moving and storing the oil. That can happen from oil we bring in from the middle east of oil we drill off shore so it is not directly related to drilling off the Gulf Coast.

Note: While it may be an interesting topic, drilling offshore is moot for now. There are no deep sea drilling ships available and there won't be for a very long time (over 5 yrs). The ones that are being built are going to places like Brazil where there are huge offshore reserves. So, if we don't mind some environmental risk to our coasts we can have more US oil in like what, 8 years? Great plan. That being said....


I'm sure the oil industry and the republicans would have us believe we're just talking the rig itself. Unfortunately that is deceptive. (for simplicity let's skip the fact that offshore drilling generates 100's of tons of rock/mud pumped into the local environment)

Onshore pipelines , storage tanks, and other facilities go with the offshore rigs. If you get the rigs, you get the other facilities. To transfer oil from the rigs there are different methods: pipelines to shore, tankers, and some use offshore storage with transfer to tanker. All of them have shore facilities. Other states would likely have nowhere as extensive an infrastructure as that area which has a lot of offshore rigs, but wait until a Florida hurricane hits their facilities when they set them up in some pretty harbor.

The facilities that generated 7 million gallons of oil spill were associated with local offshore oil tanks and pipelines which there is a lot of in that area. Currently, the tankers coming in from the middle east are 'lightered' (transferred to smaller tankers) and delivered primarily in Houston. Some may go to Louisiana, I don't know, but this is one of the reasons why the Port of Houston is so huge.

The original Bush, not an environmentalist by any stretch, banned offshore production for all these reasons. The goal was to protect our coastlines not from just the rig itself, but the production system. W is giving the oil industry what they want by asking for the ban to be lifted leveraging the current crisis, which he played a large part in creating (see next post) with classic 'make em scared and get what you want' politics.

I really don't think relying on reassurances and technology claims from those who stand to profit is a good strategy for protecting ourselves.