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The price of oil has quadrupled in only five years. Oil was $22/bbl at Bush Sr.'s Gulf War in 1991. Oil was $22 at Bush Jr.'s election in 2000; $23 on 9/11/01; and $32 an Bush Jr.'s Mission Accomplished speech in 2003. Oil is $140/bbl and rising today, and many expect gas to be $7/gal this Summer. That's not only "world market conditions." Many believe Bush Jr. occupied Iraq for Big Oil. The oil companies and Cheney's Haliburton have made record profits. Coincidentally, the former Western partners of Hussein's Iraq Petroleum Company-- Exxon, Shell, Total, and BP--are this month finalizing contracts to resume Iraqi oil production. Others believe Bush Jr. invaded Iraq to prevent higher oil prices in that Hussein's Iraq Petroleum was pumping too much oil and exceeding Saudi quotas. Still others think that Bush Jr. stupidly and arrogantly invaded Iraq in 2003 for a quick political and PR victory to offset few targets and success in the war on terror. Unfortunately, Bush Jr.'s dirty little war against Iraq (which had no WMDs or terrorists) needlessly squandered American military lives and materiel; failed to fight terrorists on the Afghanistan front where they actually were; laid waste to Iraq and it's people; removed Iran's natural enemy Hussein; and destabilized the Middle East. Hopefully, a new American President with a sounder foreign and military policy will fight the terrorists where they are; disentangle us from an unnecessary political war in Iraq; and pursue an alternative energy policy to reduce reliance on foreign oil...Oh, and no more Texas oilmen for President, please.