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One more observation and then I'll leave it alone. I remember back in the 60's going to the beach in Galveston and Gulfport on several road trips. It was really shitty down there back then. Lots of oily globs washing up and regular spills. Now I live near the gulf coast and it's never been cleaner. They are still drilling in the Gulf. I believe processes and quality has gotten a lot better since the bad experiences of the 60's. But it's totally understandable why people in CA and FLA don't want their beaches trashed. that's a big part of the economy, clean beaches. It's a tough deal. But we all gotta eat, as they say.
The black and red andrenaline rush has finally made it home from Sebastian Olszewski and the group at Mike Smith Beaumont. Got it right before the big storm hit, as in 36 hours before. So lucky. Anyway, these folks are a great dealership to do business with.
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