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IMO we need to tap the oil resources in the USA. I grew up in Port Hueneme, CA (BMW VDC). In 1975 when I went to college they were drilling like mad off the CA coast. A few oil spills (I washed the birds that survived with kerosene that were covered with oil) and the environmentalist shut things down.
Even the mention of taping our resources would drop the price of oil. If we continue to let oil prices go up our economy I domed. But the USA needs an energy plan which gets us off oil. That will take decades so in the mean time we need to take our own oil in the gap.

The environmentalist will come out and complain about spills but off the Gulf cost there was no oil spilled when Katrina came through. I think we are better able to manage the oil wells these days. Additionally when they made the Alaska pipeline the environmentalists said the caribou and other animals would die. Wrong, the animals stay close to the pipeline in winter since it is warm.

The company I work for has a division that makes the machines that makes solar panels. We have found a way to adapt out machines from making flat panel displays where we use glass and deposit the solar cells on the glass. This reduced the cost of solar big time. The machines are selling like crazy. We have even developed a solar panel that looks like a tinted window. The efficiency is not where we are ready to use them yet but imagine in a few years, a high rise with these solar windows producing electricity.

zactly. libs say it's not enough to worry with. that's bs. just suggesting it will ease the pressure. of course it will. there are a lot of different groups that want us stuck to the backside of the miserable middle east. People who finance and produce films such as The China Syndrome, Silkwood and now today with the real thought of getting busy in the Arctic, Happy Feet Penguins and huggable lovable Polar Bears. Do you think what's his name at Disney gives a crap about Polar Bears? He does not. But he cares deeply for Israel. Meanwhile the Sheiks are like Nancy in the comic strip Peanuts. If the US domestic producers, Charlie Brown, get up the nerve once again to trust Nancy and kick the football, we all know what's gonna happen. Charlie Brown is sick of getting jerked around, especially in the oil bidness where barriers to entry are huge and return on investment long term.

As long as all it takes is sticking a straw in the ground over in desertland versus drilling through dolomite here or deep wells offshore, they can crush competition by dropping the bottom out of the price (seen it first hand in the 80's). That plus odd Hollywood allegiance and their agenda driven propaganda gets you $5 a gallon eggroll.
The black and red andrenaline rush has finally made it home from Sebastian Olszewski and the group at Mike Smith Beaumont. Got it right before the big storm hit, as in 36 hours before. So lucky. Anyway, these folks are a great dealership to do business with.
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