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Originally Posted by Spook View Post
Europe has had high gas prices for a long time. The response has been more fuel efficient cars. I understand the protesters frustration. If you can't afford a small diesel and you can't afford to maintain your current vehicle, you're screwed.

As for what we do in this country, I think a nice calm approach would be good. The current administration will, of course, trade off anything for pumping oil. They don't care if it's wilderness, just offshore our beaches, or in Central Park for that matter. They just want to pump oil and do some 'bidness'. I don't think there is enough oil involved available in the time frame where it would matter for this to make much of a difference. There is enough oil available from current sources to get us to the next energy source. We just need to make developing that source a priority and get there rather than milking the current crisis for all it's worth.

Sorry for the non car discussion..
IMO we need to tap the oil resources in the USA. I grew up in Port Hueneme, CA (BMW VDC). In 1975 when I went to college they were drilling like mad off the CA coast. A few oil spills (I washed the birds that survived with kerosene that were covered with oil) and the environmentalist shut things down.
Even the mention of taping our resources would drop the price of oil. If we continue to let oil prices go up our economy I domed. But the USA needs an energy plan which gets us off oil. That will take decades so in the mean time we need to take our own oil in the gap.

The environmentalist will come out and complain about spills but off the Gulf cost there was no oil spilled when Katrina came through. I think we are better able to manage the oil wells these days. Additionally when they made the Alaska pipeline the environmentalists said the caribou and other animals would die. Wrong, the animals stay close to the pipeline in winter since it is warm.

The company I work for has a division that makes the machines that makes solar panels. We have found a way to adapt out machines from making flat panel displays where we use glass and deposit the solar cells on the glass. This reduced the cost of solar big time. The machines are selling like crazy. We have even developed a solar panel that looks like a tinted window. The efficiency is not where we are ready to use them yet but imagine in a few years, a high rise with these solar windows producing electricity.
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