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Originally Posted by 0002s View Post

Where was the "mo" after game 3?

The "mo" isn't the issue. The "legs" are the issue. The Pens are beat up more in Defense. The Wings have outplayed them "mo" or no "mo".'s going to come down to who has the "juice" to finish it.

I am more worried that the Wings will be tired and get down "X" more than I am the PENs having "mo".

BTW.....what you've thought about most of the run to the cup has been "off"....:biggrin::biggrin:

Either way it's been a great series for Hockey.
I usually am off, Im a jinx I guess. Oh well. Go Sharks '09! Ill be there for the home opener to see our banner raised, it just isnt the banner I wanted. Oh well, we still have a few years to get it done with our current core.
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