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Too many people whining in Marketplace. We need someone to take care of it.

Marketplace will die out even more than right now if we see people keep on complaining about the price. Marketplace forum is not a general discussion forum nor a negociating dealership. If you want to cut the price down before you buy, PM each other and work it out.

We have so many members here, just browsing through the Marketplace and see if they can talk shit about what other people are selling. If the price is not reasonable, then just click the damn "Back" button and go look somewhere else.

Other forums, there are moderators for each forum so it gets nicely moderated. Some forums ban people for talking unnecessary stuff in Marketplace/Classified section, and MANY forums just delete their posts, which works great.

I can see how people might want to comment(without an intention to buy) on a thread in Marketplace for 2 valid reasons:

1. To give props to the guy(either they had a great transaction before, or the price is awesome). i.e. "Great price. Good luck", "Great guy. I can vouch for him"

2. To warn others about the seller(not price wise, but if you had a bad experience with the seller previously because of bad shipment or communication, etc). Maybe if the seller is a fraud or something. i.e. "I bought a spoiler from this guy, took 5 months to ship"

IF you are not sure about whether price is good or not, just ask other people on the forum. Create a thread in Marketplace and ask "Should I buy this for $xxx.xx? is this a good price?", then other members can go ahead and give their 2 cents.

Tired of seeing all these E90ers just whining about anything in Marketplace forum. I usually just sit back and let mods do their thing, but I've been eyeing on this problem for a long time and its just not getting any better. Its getting worse.
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