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There is such a thing as productive "whining". Changes that affect our futures in important ways are not trivial. If BMW has good foresight then a lot of us on this list will be much happier 10 and 20 years from now. A lot of my neighbors are feeling sheepish and duped in regard to their decisions to buy large SUVs and fancy 4wd pickups. Interesting conversation across the fence row the other day, with a friend that once thought driving his large pickup was an act of patriotism, but is leaving it in the garage because he now feels it is just the opposite. I see his point. And I see the beauty of the 320d. We here in the USA should be thankful that folks in Euro are suffering the higher costs of fuel there, and the changes in automobiles that such costs are catalyzing. The Chinese economy is coming on line in a big way over the next few decades; burying our heads in the sand and wishing it will all go away and leave us in our temporary nirvanas is not a good idea. So whine on, if you think BMW is listening. And by the way, the neighborhood kids now want to ride in a BMW that gets 30+ mpg instead of a hummer.