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Originally Posted by Jeff1962 View Post
WOW, I just checked out the 09 A4, SWEET. Its a 4 door A5 coupe. HMM, if they could just make it a little faster, like 5.5 to 60 I would check it out.

When I am ready to buy in Feb 09 my list will be much bigger.

Audi A5 Quatro
Audi A4 Quatro
What else will come to mind ???
Some tuning on the new A4 2.0T might get you below 6 seconds, but it would be REAL tough to get it to run with the 135i.

Depending upon how much power you require, how much money you have to spend, what transmission you desire, how many doors you need, and if you would rather have AWD over RWD, here is a list to consider in 2009:

Audi A3 Quattro
Hyundai Genesis RWD coupe or sedan
Mitsubishi Ralliart or Evo
Subaru WRX, or WRX STi
BMW 335xi/328xi coupe or sedan
VW R32 4Motion
VW Passat 4Motion (This is basically a stretched B7 A4)
Volvo has a number of AWD cars, some with turbos.
Infinity G35x, G37