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I've had my S2000 for 7 years, and I've only driven a Cooper S one time. That one time I was driving a friends Cooper S while she drove my S2000. All I remember was seeing how much fun she was having in it and how I couldn't wait to get back in my car. I was not impressed with the Cooper much at all, but honestly I didn't really get to wring it out.

Also you're going to be in San Diego, you could utilize the convertible practically all the time. I've spent all my time in Indiana and as long as it's not raining the top is down. Even if it is raining, more gas = less wet.

And maybe I'm the only person this matters to, but I love how my car is a 2001 and people still don't know what it is. The conversation usually goes like this:

"What is that thing?"
"It's a S2000."
"Who makes it?"
"Does it have a V6?"
"Actually it's just a 4 cylinder."
"Is it really fast?"
"It's pretty quick, but it's really a blast to drive."
etc. etc. etc.

S2000 makes you :headbang: