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Sell car myself. Rent a car for a month

Has anybody rented a car for a month in order to have transportation while waiting for your ordered car to arrive?

After many opinions I think BMW will lowball me on trading in a Honda.

What is a realistic waiting time on a 135i to be ordered from day 1 when the dealer makes a deal with you? I always hear 8 weeks. Any real times is appreciated. If I order a 135i here in Illinois, I guess I would put my car up for sale imediately. That way if it takes a month to sell I can rent a compact car for a month at Avis for $670 with tax and unlimited mileage.

The problem is that I want to order a 135i around Feb 15 2009. Will I be able to sell my Civic Si that time of year? During the winter? If the 135i takes 8 weeks it will arrive around April 15 2009.

If 8 weeks for the 135i to arrive, maybe I will order one on aprox March 1 2009, for a May 1 2009 delivery. That way I would have a greater chance to sell my car.

My car is an 07 with 5500 miles. So I researched an 06 Si with 17,000 miles for a good idea what my car goes for at dealers in 10-11 months. 2006 Civic Si's with 15-25,000 miles are selling for $18,500-$21,000 at dealers. So I should be able to get at least $17,500 in Mint condition this time next year.

I think BMW will offer me a BAD trade-in from so many opinions I have recieved here. I will loose $1,000 in tax benefits selling the car myself, but will get at least $3k more then trading-in.

How does this sound.

How long has your order taken total, from the day you shook hands and made the deal???

Thankyou very much.:w00t: