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Originally Posted by CMD
I resent your implication, too, that those of us that are tired of paying the cost of illegal immigration and want our borders controlled are "xenophobic racists." There are, of course, some that are racist. But to call every tax paying American citizen that opposes open borders a xenophobic racist is, to me, offensive. That, my friend, is offensive. Don't you think that using the phrase "xenophobic resist" is overly dramatic and extreme? I do.
Read what I wrote again .. I called the BNP 'xenophobic racists' not you or any other american.

I was interested in what you thought of their (the BNP) site and in truth I am somewhat dissapointed that you cannot see their hidden objectives (they are without doubt racist wankers).

They call for Muslims to denounce the terrorists as if they are somehow responsible for them. No one called for the catholics to denounce terrorism in the wake of the IRA. So why is it different here?

My own 'filter' will certainly apply in terms of the content of your post, but you have to remember that I am not involved in the immigration issue. My only link to it is this forum and I have no 'axe to grind'. I just noticed, what I noticed in the text you posted and wondered if you could see it too.

My synopsis is that you do recognise the manipulative nature of the post, but that you forgive it because it accords with your own beliefs.