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PS it is >

April Fools Joke In May? This Site Says They've Caught The BMW M1 In The Flesh!

Do these guys think we're one of those faceless, emotionless, generic, inspected by employee number 15 type of car blog?

A couple people have been emailing me that these guys have caught the BMW M1 in an airplane hangar.

Sorry to break everyone's heart here but all this is, is a pretty good photoshop mashup of the Audi R8, BMW M3, Acura NSX and add whatever else strikes your fancy here at the end.

Even though it's a spoof, we still LOVE the idea of an M1 coming to market.

Audi is re-identifying their entire company by having the wicket hot R8.

So you don't think the boys and girls in Munich are gonna let them ride, do you?

We think it's a pretty good bet you'll see the M1 come to market.

And to all our competitors...they got ya!


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