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Mini Cooper S vs Honda S2000 *exowners PLZ chime in!!!

so guys i figure i wont be able to get a 135 for awhile since i'm still in school however i still want a fun car to drive! An e46 3 is out cause i wont have time to maintain it no matter how much i still love the look. Also i noticed theres a ton of ex-mini/s2k owners so i thought i'd ask here, HELP ME DECIDE!

my situation/wants/needs:
  • currently in college, but i want something FUN
  • fuel economy since money's a little tight
  • reliability for the same reason, and i wont have too much time to DIY
  • dont really drive ppl around but wouldn't mind a backseat just so i can throw stuff there(ie: will s2000 trunk suffice for backpack, books, other school related junk)
  • wont be tracking the car
  • oh and i'll be going to school in San Diego so the vert wont be a problem(i really dont care one way or the other)
  • i know the s2k has an amazing gearbox but how does the mini compare?
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