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Hah! Not trying to be pessimistic, just trying to put my view into perspective. One of the big appeals of Obama is that he says he wants to shake things up.

Honestly, I don't find most of the 'mainstream' candiates too appealing, generally speaking. The D's are trending towards outright protectionist socialism, and the R's towards a 'Big Brother' type society (I don't want to throw the 'F' word around). McCain is one of the more moderate canidates we've had in a while, but his timing is bad. I'd like to see him take a more traditionally conservative stance on some issues, but his economics aren't bad.

0002s, I agree with you completely. McCain is better than the others on that front, but none of them are good. I was a Ron Paul guy, but you gotta go with what you got!

It's not just the SIZE of the government in that case, but also the gross inefficiency. With the size of our budget we should be able to keep our roads and bridges in good shape. We should also be able to keep customs and immigration working a lot more smoothly than they do. You obviously have to check people coming into the country, but the 20 questions game, along with finger prints and a picture does nothing other than slow down the process, and make people feel less than welcomed.

I know if I went to a foreign country, I wouldn't feel comfortable with them taking my finger prints, a retina scan, and interogating me in a foreign language. What's more, I don't see it as anything that makes anyone at all safer. I think that money could be better spent on the new and more advanced scanning technology. Check the passport, ask why they're here, scan them and bags, good to go.

Don't even get me going on our wellfare system. We have a constantly growing, and terribly ineficient government. The bigger it gets, the worse it is.

Not trying to be doom and gloom, I was just trying to put my views into perspective. I don't like the government running my life, and I don't like them wasting my money on crap that does nothing but discourage tourism, and cast a negative light on the nation.

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Boy your pessimism is getting annoying... I step into this thread and it is like I am stepping into a rain storm, all gloomy and nasty.

At the very least, I can agree on the socialist Obama comment.
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