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Originally Posted by E82TT6 View Post
Coming back into the USA from Europe, I felt like I was entering a third world police state! The Customs/Immigration BS is worthless. Spending hours yelling at tourists in a language they barely understand, and rifling through their personal belongings isn't the best way to welcome them into the "land of the free", and it isn't going to stop ANYONE who really wants to cause harm from doing so. There was an immigration employee YELLING at a couple of asian kids at passport control, telling them that if they couldn't answer his questions, they could go home. They obviously spoke almost no english.

Then you get out of the airport and onto the roads... They are in a horrible state of disrepair, everything is filthy, people drive like complete morons, and there are police EVERYWHERE but they seem to do nothing but collect revenue for their municipality. I think we need some big shakeups in terms of the way things are run, but Obama is too much of a socialist for me generally speaking.
Boy your pessimism is getting annoying... I step into this thread and it is like I am stepping into a rain storm, all gloomy and nasty.

At the very least, I can agree on the socialist Obama comment.

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