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Let me try something here re: Obama. First, I am a Libertarian - fiscally conservative, socially liberal. I am also a white, Southern, Christian, relatively unpoor, educated, duck huntin', man.

So, my take on Obama is that he is an opportunist. Nothing wrong with that at all - I believe people should identify and 'exploit' opportunities - and I mean that in the nicest way. He played his hand very well and made tremendous strides in a very short time. But, I think he compromised his integrity via his association with a fringe church to garner some 'street cred'. Fair enough - politicians have done worse. I truly do not believe that he subscribes to the worst of Wright's rants. He probably regrets that he let the 'relationship' carry on too long, but, as I said, he couldn't turn his back on his base.

What to do now? Take four years off - or more. Stay in the Senate, get some great committee assignments, hone your skills, tighten your rhetoric, pass some legislation, distance yourself from the fringe and take another shot at President later - either four or eight years from now. He's still a young man - and I think a decent human being at his core. He's a good leader and certainly charismatic - qualities that people adore...