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Originally Posted by Call View Post
Here is the irony of Obama's candidacy including the Wright situation, his other ties with homegrown terroists, the bitter comment and really just about everything he has said to date...He is speaking the truth, Liberals are not used to speaking the truth; they never have believed they could win telling the truth; it's just not in their nature.

Obama is upsetting the middle crowd of the Democrat Party. I expect him to win the nomination but you will see that middle crowd vote Republican because McCain is "close enough" to them and more acceptable. Besides I have to believe they can stand to wait four more way McCain runs again.

Now if they only knew who McCain's running-mate was going to be...

Thats a very interesting opinion. Even if McCain wins against Obama, which I doubt, after 4 years Obama would have built an even stronger movement. I still dont see a lot of Democrats running over to John McCain. I dont see Republicans running to Obama either. They will just stay at home.
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