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"When you take the Rev Wright stories (now THAT is a bitter point of view), Michelle Obama's statement about this is the first time she is proud to be an American, and now his bitter comment, it shows the real man behind the facade.... An unpatriotic elitist who clings on to the race card when it is convenient for him."

Well put. I'm embarrassed I actually voted for OBama in a primary until all this came out. How can a man allow Rev Wright to be his pastor for over 20 years, to baptize his children and perform his marriage ceremony without having an even slightly sympathetic ear to his tirades of hatred? I cannot even comprehend that OBama still has a chance of becoming president. His father was a muslim, his grandfather was a muslim, his middle name is Hussein, he didn't become a "Christian" until mid 20's - who really knows what the foundation of his beliefs are? His church espouses hatred of white middle Americans and focuses on segregation. Imagine the damage he could do to this country if he is elected and his true motives have been concealed.

I also despise Hillary and have no respect for her whatsoever. The plight of the democratic nomination just magnifies my distaste of her.

I do feel that McCain is the most suitable president of the three, because I trust his judgement and morals. I cannot even come close to saying that about either OBama and Hillary. I may not agree in everything he says, but I do believe in the majority of it.

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