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I HATE Hillary Clinton....and I dont really ''hate'' anybody. Elitist?? Who is the BIGGER elitist. Didnt Obama just get done paying off his college loans? Clinton and McCain are sitting on stacks. When I say stacks, I mean at least 100million. Almost a year ago I respected her and liked her. There is no way in hell she is going to win the Dem nomination. I mean she has to see this. Yet, she keeps on going ignoring the inevitable. She has this, ''if i cant win, you wont either'' approach. Obama will not win Penn. I've learned in the past to never say never though. On January 1st, 2008 if you had told me Obama would be where he is now I would have laughed.

What about John McCain? Too bad we didnt elect this guy when he was actual sane many years ago. There is just something about him that comes off as cold an insincere. I cannot wait to see both of them in the same room doing a debate. McCain is too old to be a judge in some states yet qualify to run for President. I'm not saying age is sole determining factor but it dosent help...especially with his medical background.

Bottom line: Our little pool of candidates isnt the best. When the hell is it ever though?? Hillary Clinton is beyond polarizing. We need at least 4yrs of something else to clean the funk(mess) left by McCain's party. OBAMA FTW!!

"Close-up in this election campaign, Obama is unlikely. From a distance, he is necessary."
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