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Originally Posted by sethchan View Post
In context, it was a reasonable thing to say, but perhaps poorly expressed, since Obama kind of implied that people were voting these other issues just because they were bitter. Hillary could have gotten some mileage out of it against a lesser candidate, but she's up against the Michael Jordan of Democratic politics. The guy just has too much skill.

He's a master of the counterpunch. So, in effect, it turned out to be a trap for Hillary and McCain. If you look at his response, you see he's saying things he couldn't get away with before without looking like he's going negative. But because he is responding to an attack, he can hit them hard while looking like he's just defending himself.

A brilliant way of getting things like McCain's slowness on the mortgage crisis and Hillary's vote for the bankruptcy bill out on the table. My guess is that the voters of Pennsylvania are smart enough to see that Obama's criticisms of Clinton and McCain are more powerful than their criticisms of him.
Dont be so sure. I live in Pennsylvania and Hillary will win the primary. The question is by how much. If it is close it is a win for Obama. As I stated before the Dems went to this proportional allocation and look where its gotten them. In the biggest mess I have ever seen. Hillary wont be able to catch him in the delegate count, thats why she is jumping on any Obama mis-step. 10 primarys left and Hillary could win all ten and Obama will still have a lead. She is banking on a big blunder the swing the Super-Delegates. What a mess... lol