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Originally Posted by needforspeed
I largely agree with this. In particular I think you are correct that the people who fund terrorism are pursuing an ultimate goal of an Islamically dominated world. I also think that the socio-economic situations in countries like Afghanistan (pre allied invasion), palestine, syria and the lebanon make them ideal recruiting grounds for the terrorists.

I also agree that the Islamic leaders need to do more to denounce terrorism, but do not accept that they have done nothing. In my opinion the problem is that a number of leaders do not reject terrorism in their 'local' struggles (e.g. Hamas / Hesbullah) because they do in fact support this local terrorism and consider it to be 'freedom fighting'. I have no doubt that they do reject 'world terrorism' because it is actually wholly detrimental to the Islamic world, but they struggle to denounce it without losing credibility at home.

It's interesting that when you post in this way I find that we probably agree to a large extent, but that when you post stuff like 'at least we are killing the bastards over there' I really struggle to see any sense in what you say.

I think the phrase 2 nations divided by a common language really applies here.

I hope by the 'bastards' you mean the terrorists, what bothers me is that there are plenty of innocents being killed and your post suggests that they are also 'bastards' which I find quite offensive.
I'm shocked. needforspeed now, "largely" agrees with [us] you. WTF?

Unfortunately the killing of innocents is a by-product of war. It is a sad fact. But we did not start this war.