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Originally Posted by CMD
This is exactly what you appear to be in denial about:

You apparently are in denial that ALL recent terrorism, specifically the incidents indicated in the "Quiz," have ALL been carried out by MALE MUSLIM EXTREMISTS BETWEEN THE AGES OF 17 AND 40.
You often seem to see disagreement where there is none. I did not say your quiz was innacurate in ANY of my posts. And I am not in denial about anything. I agree that the recent 'world-scale' terrorism targeted against the USA has been universally committed by Muslim extremists - I don't agree that ALL terrorism is commited by muslim extremists (eg the oaklahoma bombing, eta, the IRA)

Originally Posted by CMD
Originally Posted by needforspeed
The majority of Muslims particularly those in the West do not support terrorism or commit terrorist acts.
I honestly have no way of knowing. No Muslims thus far, that I am aware of, have ever stepped up and denounced terrorism. They just sit quietly and let it happen. Until they do, quite honestly, I will default to disagree with that statement.
This the single point we disagree on here. I personally know a number of muslims who entirely reject the terrorist agenda. In the UK muslim leaders have rejected and deplored the terrorists acts. The perverse truth is that the terrorists have done more to damage Islam than anybody else, because their action has directly led to the widespread distrust of ALL muslims exhibited by people like yourself. I do not distrust a worldwide faith - the second largest religion on earth - because of a handful of evil terrorists. I don't see that as being in denial and I don't believe that Islam itself is the problem.

I do agree that the Islamic leaders in the middle east need to do more to cut out the cancer of terrorism from within their communities and countries. This is where the west should be focused right now. Working with the Islamic world to better integrate it into world politics. One of the problems is that the middle east situation blurs the boundaries between terrorism and freedom fighting in the eyes of the people of palestine and the lebanon.

Originally Posted by CMD
Because the Muslim community has not vocally and repeatedly denounced these terrorist acts, we are discussing, I have no reason to belive that the majority of them do not support terrorism. And I will tell you that there are many Americans that feel this way whether they admit it openly or not.
I understand why you feel this way - but I do not agree with you. The Muslim world needs to do more to denounce and reject terrorism. But you are wrong to say that Muslims have not denounced it:

Originally Posted by CMD
I refer to the "Black is Green" analogy when you deny that the terrorist acts listed in the quiz were not ALL carried out by male Muslim extremists between the ages of 17 and 40, since they were.
If I had denied this your analogy would have made sense. Unfortunately I didn't and it doesn't.

Originally Posted by CMD
My friend, I am not the one who has side-stepped salient points. And you are correct, in fact, that I do get frustrated when you, again, deny what is fact. Need I go into that again. The point is, all "current," not historical, terrorism, more specifically the acts referred to in the quiz, have ALL been carried out by male Muslim extremist between the ages of 17 and 40. Have we beat this horse to death yet?
Again - I didn't deny it - in your frustration you are reading things into my posts that are not there. I am not side stepping or avoiding salient points.

Originally Posted by CMD
My views are these people are hell bent in the taking over of the south western U.S. How much more clear can that be to you? You read the article.

The reason I posted it in this thread was because I was asked where "Aztlan" was. How is that bizzare?
No - again you misunderstand me. I was identifying what I saw as a bizarre link to the middle east situation in the Aztlan / Michelle Malkin immigration sites and columns. I did not at any stage say your posts on this were bizarre.

What I wanted to know is what you thought of the parallel that the Aztlan crowd and Ms Malkin had drawn. My opinion was that it was unhelpful.