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Originally Posted by MrSilver
So what does this all mean:

Basically, there are literally millions of people who want to come to the United States to work as seasonal workers, or in other low paying jobs that United States citizens are not willing to take.

Many Americans make more money by not working than if they take these types of jobs. It doesn't make any sense for someone to bust their ass and get less money than if they do nothing but have multiple fatherless children.

This is a fact.

Our economy would be crippled without our foreign work force. Furthermore, there are jobs that Americans are simply not qualified to take. It is no secret that there is a shortage of qualified United States citizens to fill positions in the world of math, science, and medicine, and our employers can no longer hire qualified non United States citizens because of the unavailability of H-1B visas.

Bottom line:

America is losing.

If you expand the amount fo H-1B visas for specialized workers, as well as expanding the amount of H-2B visas for seasonal workers, there would be a way for U.S. employers to hire people legally, and the illegal work force would dry up.

Not to mention the fact that a legal worker, is paying taxes, which benefits our economy.

Our problem is not that people want to work in our country.

Our problem is that U.S. employers enable undocumented aliens to work here without authorization which makes jumping the border all the more appealing.
So America needs immigrant workers to maintain it's economy, but many are entering the country illegally because the visa system will not permit them to do so legally?

So if it were not for the illegal immigrants, it would be apparent that there is a huge worker shortage and the US would probably react by actively encouraging legal immigration.

So instead of reviewing immigration law - and developing a mechanism to deal with all of the illegal immigrants already in the country - are the US authorities turning a blind eye to the situation - because it works?

So is the answer to tighten up the border security, open up the visa system and try to get the working illegal immigrants already in the US legal, so that they start paying taxes and contributing?

Does the US have an asylum system?