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Originally Posted by CMD
I removed that portion of my sig once I attracted an audience using it, some accusing me of being a bigot. I do not feel it is bigoted, I feel it is an absolute truth a fact. I decided that since this is a forum for E90 enthusiasts, I should keep my feelings to posts in the Off Topic Area, and not in my sig. I do still keep the mexican flag there, as where I live, I feel like a guest in my own country.

Im wondering, how do you think our equivalent of your NHS should deal with mothers that wait until they are actually in labor and crowing, climb our border fences and give birth in the dirt on the U.S. side of the fence, in order that their child is a U.S. citizen? Do you think they are abusing the law? Is their behavior justified? As I posted before, this happens several times a day every day. And many do it over and over again as soon as they are physically able.
I think you agreed that you sig made you appear to be a racist and a bigot in this thread.

As I said then I accept this was not your intention, but it was something that could easily be misconstrued and I am glad you changed it.

I don't believe your stories about mothers scaling borders fences whilst crowning. I think this is physically impossible. However, I do believe that it is highly likely that pregnant women will try to enter the US illegally to try and secure citizenship for their children.

I think 'their behaviour' is morally understandable and excusable - why would they not want to secure a slice of the american dream for their children?

However, I agree that it is illegal and that the law against it should be enforced.

In the UK we all have NHS 'cards' in effect these are not checked other than when you initially register with a family doctor (GP)

Chances are that an illegal immigrant seeking NHS treatment would have no medical history and so if they presented to a doctor or hospital, they would find it difficult to enter the NHS 'system'. I'm guessing that the process would be that the immigration authorities would be informed, but that they would recieve treatment at NHS cost until their case was decided.

Typically, once the authorities are informed the immigrant (if illegal) would make an asylum claim and hence attempt to obtain UK citizenship. There is a fair bit of scandal about our asylum system, which is woefully slow, and chances are that the immigrants case might take many months to determine.

Some are granted, but many are refused and deported. The point is that the system does not turn a 'blind eye' - it should deal with the cases faster - but it does deal with them in the end and illegal immigrants are not allowed to stay in the UK illegally with the knowledge of the authorities.

Similarly, immigrants children would be entitled to education whilst their cases were decided - again at our cost.

Where there is a risk that the immigrants may abscond then they may be held in secure facilities - again at our cost.

I think it's a good system (albeit badly administered at present) I am proud that my country offers asylum to people suffering persecution overseas, I'm also proud that every case is heard on it's merits.

It would be nice if everyone could have what we have - but clearly this doesn't work in real life, so their has to be a limit (and law) and purely economic migrants - who come to the UK from outside of the legal system should not be granted asylum.

The key difference here is that we are an island and that we do not share a border with a large 3rd world country. On that basis the US could be forgiven for enforcing it's border security more vigorously.

Our 'problem' at the moment is that new countries joining the EU are free to work in other EU countries without visas. Thus we have a huge influx of Polish migrants, if this were to flow to other accession states unchecked then our economy might be affected. However, this is actually a bigger problem for poland since they are losing a substantial part of their workforce.

Interestingly, we can't find enough nurses and doctors to work in our NHS - so we are 'importing' them from Africa and the Indian subcontinent. Although the BNP and other pressure groups scaremonger about immigration the flow of people into the Uk is actually comparable to the level of emigration (or less).