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Originally Posted by needforspeed
In the UK there are various checks and balances which would determine eligibility for schooling and healthcare.

Birth's must be registered and Birth Certificates produced to confirm various entitlements. All British subjects have a National Insurance number and National Health Service treatment requires an NHS 'card'.

I am certain that similar systems exist in the US which could be used to identify illegal immigrants, but it seems pretty clear that there is a deliberate desire not to do so.

Like I said - I think the law sounds sensible and it is clearly not racist so long as it applies to EVERYONE.

I do think your earlier sig was bigoted and I think you agreed this in another thread.
I removed that portion of my sig once I attracted an audience using it, some accusing me of being a bigot. I do not feel it is bigoted, I feel it is an absolute truth – a fact. I decided that since this is a forum for E90 enthusiasts, I should keep my feelings to posts in the Off Topic Area, and not in my sig. I do still keep the mexican flag there, as where I live, I feel like a guest in my own country.

I’m wondering, how do you think our equivalent of your NHS should deal with mothers that wait until they are actually in labor and crowing, climb our border fences and give birth in the dirt on the U.S. side of the fence, in order that their child is a U.S. citizen? Do you think they are abusing the law? Is their behavior justified? As I posted before, this happens several times a day every day. And many do it over and over again as soon as they are physically able.