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Originally Posted by MrSilver
The real problem is not that there are people that want to work in the United States, nor that there are U.S. employers that want to hire non U.S. citizens, but that there is an unavailability of visas to allow either party to do so legally.
Mr Silver - I would like to hear another view than CMD's.

Clearly a lot of illegal immigrants are working in the US and the economic system (to some extent) may (or may not) actually depend on this.

Why is it that illegal immigrants currently employed in the US cannot obtain work visa's and hence 'correct' their status?

Also ... how is it possible for illegal imigrants to obtain schooling and healthcare without the authorities uncovering and acting on their illegal status?

It seems to me that perhaps the authorities are deliberately not enforcing immigration law in respect of illegal immigrants already in the US and the anti immigration propagandists don't really explain why.