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Just to be clear ... I really don't think you would be called a racist bigot just for wanting to control immigration.
Again, you'd need to live here. I can see how you could say that having not experiencing it, but we experience it here every day.

Originally Posted by needforspeed
Some of the stuff posted on this forum has been racist and bigoted (including your sig at one point), but the principle of enforcing immigration law does not come into this category.
I have never posted anything that was racist and\or bigoted, maybe some have, but I have not seen it. Oh, the "Mexifornia" driver license was, but I posted it as an example. Thank you for understanding that enforcing the law is not racist.

Originally Posted by needforspeed
I don't have any problem with a law that requires renters to have a permit confirming their citizenship and landlords having an obligation only to rent to people with that permit.
The supporters of open borders here have a huge problem with it, they call it racist.

Originally Posted by needforspeed
This would be racist if it only applied to a certain ethnic group (e.g. mexicans). So long as it applies to EVERYONE ... it is perfectly fair and reasonable. In fact it's quite a clever idea.
Of course it would apply to everyone. It would be blatantly racist if it only apply to, for example, Mexicans.

Fact: Illegal Immigrants are, by default, criminals. Most of them are also thieves as they take free medical care, medical care that is not meant for them and they do not pay for. Also they take from our educational systems, whichy they do not pay for and is not meant for them. There is also a larger criminal element beyond that, for example drug smuggling, robbery and murder.
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