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We helped Afghanistan defeat Communism because there was a Cold War going on and it was a whole lot cheaper and easier for the American people to stomach having the Afghans fight for us. However, it makes you wonder who is supplying them now in the hopes they will defeat us...

Some experts believe we cut our aid after they defeated Russia when we should have doubled it for building schools and creating security in that nation. What was it we were trying to do in Iraq right now?... Oh but thats right, we should probably pull out because we are just creating more hate, I am sure they would love us all of the sudden if we did.

Make no mistake, the fight is for the future of Iraq and we must win it otherwise we will be back soon and often.

We helped Saddam defeat Iran. Sometimes you have to pick sides and neither is a good one.

And the last note; I can't speak for all, but I gladly will fight our enemies and those that intend to do us harm on their own soil if not for just the simple purpose that their efforts may be focussed on killing me and not my family back home. I am trained and supplied for that sort of thing, the people in the WTC were not. Hopefully those wishing to do Americans wrong can find people to pick a fight with in there own living room when some 18 year old kid from a little town in the midwest kicks open their front door as they build bombs to send to that kid's front door.

Thank you for your support and taxes.

Sleep well, they aren't.

Fight them there where we can win, not here.
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