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Well, the connection between Saddam and 9/11 is disputable, which is to say unclear. But there is no denying that Saddam and Iraq was a state-sponsor of terror, meaning that Iraq was connected to Al Quaeda through financial support mainly (that, in and of itself, is a main reason why Al Quaeda had a strong presence in Iraq).

As for the report, surely the "overall" threat has worsened (that's what happens in war) but my comment was focused purely at the threat US citizens in their picket fenced houses face from Islamic terrorists. In other words, is it more or less safe to fly on airplanes five years after 9/11? That report (or, I should, say "article") was very vague on what it meant by the "overall" threat. Finally, I would be curious to see what the report would say now, after the surge has had an impact.

Regardless, I would agree that linking Saddam with 9/11 was a political play. I don't know if he had any financial involvement but, again, there was no question that Saddam harbored Al Quaeda.

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