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Heh, I like that bumper sticker.

As for the recent intelligence estimates showing that Iraq made things less safe, here's a quick one off the first link in a google search, I'm sure I could dig up more in-depth information if I spent a few minutes looking around.

Iraq was a terrorist state, in terms of how it treated the Kurds... but I don't think one can argue that there was any connection between them and Al Quaeda or 9/11, at least not beyond a completely superficial level.

That's why you'll find video clips of Bush appointees claiming that Saddam played a role in 9/11, then later claiming that they never said such a thing :wink:.

Trying to link Iraq to 9/11 in the minds of Americans was strictly a political play, at least as far as I can see. I have never seen any evidence suggesting that Osama and Saddam were buddies, infact, most of what I've seen suggests just the opposite.
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