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my 2 cents:

1. "weapons of mass destruction" found = 0, The "intellegence" he had obviously wasn't that credible, or they would have found something...unlike the intelliegence they had warning them that 9/11 was going to happen.:wink:

2. How are you less safe? Well rights of many Americans were seemingly suspensed, and can be pretty much done at any point, due to suspicision of being a terrorist, or involved in terroist activies...not to mention that bombing the shit out of 2 countries is going to leave a lot of pissed off people, they might smile at gun holding soldiers as they walk by, but at home they will probably be telling their children how their family was killed...:iono:

which ties into 3. A whole new generation of hate filled children, that one day might try to strike back again...

Not to do dump on the States, but Bush's actions were stupid from the get-go...he used the armed forces to lash out like a beaten child with a knife, or a kid in high school with a gun...It's unfortunate that he couldn't find a more peaceful way to act, but in the midst of all the pain that 9/11 caused, the people rallied and called for action.

Violence only begets more violence...Now I'm not saying to do nothing was necessarily the right way, but a measured response would have been better. How was the bombing of major cities, and deaths of thousands of people any better then the hijacking of planes? Perhaps Afghanistan was somewhat "justified", but Iraq was something else, it wasn't about getting Saddam out of power, it wasn't about "weapons of mass destruction"...And in the end, the cycle continues.