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Originally Posted by dvmotorsports View Post
agreed, that is similar to a board that i moderate. we also suspend each account and only let potential members post in the "new member" forum until their account is reviewed manually and approved by a member of administration.
That's also a good idea but needs more 'human' involvement.

Another thing I do is not allow any html or even BBcode in the first 15 posts by a newb. This stops spammers doing a manual 'hit and run' posting a bunch of links or even malicious code.

I figure they're not going to hang around and post 15 times. It would be easier to go elsewhere.

Edit - to do this, you have to set up a new user group for members with less than 15 posts. Then apply the restrictions to that group. Then at 15 posts you do a promotion to 'Regular Members'.

I can help. Just email me. Tons of experience running vB.