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IMO the Republicans are done after the Bush disaster for another 8 years. They only have two canidates that can compete with Obama in my book, Ron Paul, and McCain, and I doubt either will get the nomination. Even if they do, I think the Democratic canidate could just pull the "I'm less affiliated with W" card, and win. I think his presidency will go down as one of the worst in the history of our nation, especially if things in Iraq take as long to resolve as I think they will.

The Republican party is starting to turn more and more into a party that panders to religious extremists, really scary. I'm worried within 20 years or so, we'll end up with a theocracy, the way a lot of these newer republicans are talking. The moment a politician allows their view on religion/mythology/fables/etc to influence their vote, is the moment our system has failed.

It's kind of funny, now a days, the Rebulicans are so far to the left it's frightening, and the Democrats are leaning more right than anything else.
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