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Originally Posted by Surname View Post
Our new President will not have traditional American values in mind. At best we'll get stuck with some socialist-lite neo-con. Current Democratic candidates pander to the Left while current Republican candidates are so frightened of 'offending' the New York Times they have moved to the left of JFK. America is so screwed...
Something wrong if a free-thinker rather then an oppressive, "back-in-my-day..." leader?

And what's wrong with a little left?...the most extreme version is based on the simplest, and brightest of idea...that everyone shares the load equally, and is treated the same...the problem is people. Lazyiness, greed, and corruption will never allow "true" communism to ever succeed....think about it, a real communist society, there'd be no idiot in charge anymore.

But seriously, care to explain how this election will "screw America"...generally a politician is a politician. They'll all say whatever they think you want to say, and once in power, nothing will really change.

That said, there's got to be some back-water hillibilies wiping their eyes with their white hoods to see a "black" man and a woman as the favorites to win...

Go Obama :headbang:

...Oh wait, I'm not an American...:wink: