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Originally Posted by atr_hugo View Post
I suspect he'll be a one-hit wonder, the Iowa caucases are unique and can create anamolies. Wait to see how he and Barak are doing when the Florida, California et. al. primaries come into play. The other thing to remember is Clinton has her fingers on a whole bunch of 'superdelegates' for the Democratic convention (and the Dems utilize more superdelegates than the Repubs do). If she's within reach before the convention, she'll be hard to beat.

As for me - based on what I've seen so far - I'm voting for 'none-of-the-above'. ; -)
Tiss Tiss.....ATR..its spelt Barack. There is this popular psychic on tv is VERY convincing. She comes on once a week. She said Barack would get the Dem. presidential nomination last week. I'm curious to see if she's right. If not, she lost ALL credibility...haha

I find it amazing. CNN did a break down of the ages that voted for him. The older you got the least amount voted for him. 65 and older was so tiny. It was amazing. The fact that he won in that state shows that Americans are sure being bold these days. My .02
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