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1. You can't bash fat cats on a webpage where people are lining up to spend $50,000 on a car. You're reading this because you are either (1) wealthy, (2) have family who are wealthy or (3) you're lousy with money. I happen to be in the third category, but I don't begrudge the first two.
2. BMW doesn't build cars out of the goodness of their hearts. Corporations are supposed to make money. The reason BMW is in business today is because they've screwed people in the past. There are people who will never buy BMW's for that very reason.

My point is it's just a car. If you really care that much about "social issues and stuff" you're on the wrong webpage. If really you thought long and hard about corporate practices, you'd end up living in the woods. Good luck with that.

As for me:
Base MSRP $34,900
Alpine White $0
Coral Red Boston Leather $0
Glacier Silver Aluminum Trim $0
Premium Package $3,300
Sport Package $1,000
Active Steering $1,400
Comfort Access system $500
Navigation system $2,100
iPod and USB adapter $400
Satellite radio $595
Destination & Handling: $775
Total MSRP as Built $44,970
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