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What Will Void Your Warranty?

So this girl I know, her dad buys her a 328i convertible which every single package out there and every single option. Total comes out to $60,000+. Her dad just bought it for her so he could make a statement. That guy. Well at anyrate, now that she has the car, she wants to get new springs and new shocks, wheels and tires. My question to her was "Why?" She has the sports package. There's no need for new suspension.

So then, what will void BMW's warranty to her car?
Originally Posted by I Vtec, do you? from 8thCivic
I bought a 197 HP car and if I shifted it at 4k like you want me to I'd be driving a car that made 100 HP
Originally Posted by Honda Motor Co.
Dear Joe, unfortunately, our service technicians were unable to reproduce the problem that you mentioned. Therefore, we will be unable to perform any work that you claim is necessary. We apologize for the inconvenience.