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That doesn't make any sense. I know there are some tougher laws out in Cali than there are here in PA, but that doesn't make any sense! How can they just take your license. Don't they have "driving without a license" laws out there? If you drove, how were you supposed to get home? How are you supposed to go anywhere without a license if you have to wait 4 weeks for a new license?

I would have kicked this guy in the balls and grabbed my license and got out of matter how big he was!

I can understand they probably want to crack down of fake IDs, but there are better ways to do it these days. They have those electronic thingies. And especially since you had other forms of ID with your name on them like CCs and a passport, what did he stole someone's purse?

If I were you, I'd write a letter to the editor of your paper, or call come consumer action line for a local TV station and tell them your story and get these guys in trouble.