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Originally Posted by turbomg View Post
Give it up 128er, this is just another thinly veiled pricing thread. Stop it.

I don't know why you love to get so caught up on two to three grand, what do you hope to accomplish by spamming these boards with wishful thinking?

If we are to believe BMW and the 2002 marketing angle, it would make more sense that they are aiming at the 40+ mid life crisis segment. There will be very few people in their 20's (I'm 25, fwiw) who will understand and actually appreciate the 2002 connection.

You're dreaming, time to wake up. The 128 won't be as cheap as a VW.
Precisely. 128er, believe what you want to believe. As I have said many times, this is all about business and BMW wouldn't give a rat a*s to what you can afford or not.