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This is great, my username gives it away - I am going to buck all the trends with this reply - I'm 47, could afford a 5 series, currently drive an E90 330Xi and plan to purchase an optioned out 135 next year. I guess I have always liked a smaller car - I have been eyeing the MkV GTI for a while, but it looked too cheap for me. I commute a lot and find that the 330 rarely has anyone in it besides me. So why have a bigger car than I need? We use my wife's Volvo wagon on weekend (she loves it, way too softly sprung for me...), so, I have been patiently waiting for this new arrival. I have at least one other guy that I work with that would buy this car as well - he's almost 40, lives in a major city but just bought a certified Z3 last year. I wouldn't assume the car was targeted at 20-30 year olds. Not all old farts have to drive a big car. A more interesting question would be the age old male vs. female question...