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Originally Posted by ARES45 View Post
Sorry to pull out the sledge and really put it to that dead horse, but I didn't really post it for you. I just hate when people bitch that daddy bought their kid I nice car and its unfair cuz mine didn't.

Maybe pops wants his boy rolling safe and stylin. Nothing wrong with that, driving is a responsibility but it can be a fun responsibility.

I would love to be your son's shoes on his sweet 16.
my father was a prick who never gave me anything....I'm's therapy.....I want my kid to be everything I wanted as a boy.....I want him to have a nice car, play guitar like Jack White, have a hot girlfriend, get good grades and have fun.....God blessed me with the ability to do nice things for my children, and so I do.....I am borrowing the 135 until I can give it to him, with love and my blessing.....
'Maybe Tesla does the Astro'