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Originally Posted by ARES45 View Post
I think you may be missing his point. You may be happy as hell that he gets a ticket and not an accident. That being said, raise your kids how you see fit and I hold no anomosity for anyone helping their child with their first car.
I almost didn't want to post it because an argument can be made either way for giving this to a young driver. Kids will likely drive fast and unsafe (at least I did) no matter what vehicle they have. I was lucky enough to avoid accidents and many moments I would have had to pay hefty fines if caught, but not everybody is according to statistics.

Bottom line:
I would take it as a 16 year old and it would definitely be safer than the 86 cutlas I bought back then. Even though I would occasionally check that speed limiter given the right road and conditions.
yes, once again noted and your concern is genuinely appreciated....the cars don't cause the accidents, the drivers do....i regret posting about whom i intend to ultimately give my 135 too.....this has been posted and judged upon on a previous thread by quite a few.....
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