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Originally Posted by TESLAASTRO View Post
thanks for your prayers......duly noted but not ticket and BMW goes bye bye....then again, you know my kid so well....
I think you may be missing his point. You may be happy as hell that he gets a ticket and not an accident. That being said, raise your kids how you see fit and I hold no anomosity for anyone helping their child with their first car.
I almost didn't want to post it because an argument can be made either way for giving this to a young driver. Kids will likely drive fast and unsafe (at least I did) no matter what vehicle they have. I was lucky enough to avoid accidents and many moments I would have had to pay hefty fines if caught, but not everybody is according to statistics.

Bottom line:
I would take it as a 16 year old and it would definitely be safer than the 86 cutlas I bought back then. Even though I would occasionally check that speed limiter given the right road and conditions.
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