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Is this legal? Long...

Hey All-
Im hoping someone on here is a lawyer, or a cop lol.. I know every state is different, but if anyone has experience in Cali, let me know.
Ok so this is the 2ND time this has happened..

Situation #1- St patty's day, my bf, his friends and i go down to Pacific Beach (bunch of clubs/bars/restaurants). Im the DD (dont really drink), and we wait an hour in line and finally get to the door. The bouncer checks my ID, and then asks me 28073827 questions, i answer every one correctly, and he has me sign my signature (same license from 16). I was nervous, so i guess i signed differently .. but its been almost 6 yrs, of course i sign differently. He doesnt believe its me and takes my ID away, and tells me to go find a cop and so i did, and basically the cop says your shit outta luck, you surrendered the ID, have to go to the police department to try and get it back. It took A WEEK before i was able to track my license down, the dectetive came to my work and had me sign my name again.. Finally i got it. After MUCH frustration.. I call the owner of the place, he tells me sorry for the inconvience, ill give you free drinks/dinner. He never calls back.

Situation #2- Last night my girlfriends and i wanted a girls nite out. We go to the same place *i havent gone since st patty's day*, and i brought my passport/license/credit card. We get to the door and the bouncer starts questioning me again. He checks my passport and doesnt believe its me again (he said my bone structure is totallly diff, and my face is thinner, ...etc). This time he takes BOTH license and passport. I was FURIOUS, and im sure i sounded like a drunk sailor.. I let the curse words fly haha.. I told him to find me a police officer, cause im not leaving w/out 1 form of id.. how the hell am i going to use a credit card? go to the bank?..etc. I said arrest me cause im not leaving..
The cops finally come, and we begin the process of checking my background info..etc. He asks me if ive ever had a ticket, i told him no, he says.. r u sure? i said yes, and he said.. hmm says u have one here (ive never had a ticket, maybe they were tryin to get me to crash). Then he asked me all the cars ive owned, i told him AND i told him every license plate of every car i own (i have a good memory lol). He said out of the 15 yrs hes been working in PB, im 1 out of 2 ppl that have said their license plate on all cars. So all this time the bouncer is trying to convince the cops its not me. I showed him everything in my wallet from blockbuster cards, insurance, school id, ..u name it. After fighting for over an hour, the cop decides to give me just the passport back because i was so adament/stubborn. So i had to go to the dmv this morning and apply for a new license and picture (4 weeks till i get it), there goes a stupid $20, and i cant go/do anything w/ only a passport. Im never going back there again, and im a girl, sometimes i wear my hair straight, curly, wavy, ..etc. how am i supposed to have a new pic everytime i go out?

Sorry this is so long, but can they just take away my id and after all the proof i had... Ugh SO pissed.
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