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Originally Posted by 335ito135i View Post
Have you guys seen any confirmation that any z4/z3/z2 models will receive the N54? Everything I've seen has no mention of the n54. If there's a n54 z-coupe, I'm sold. I'm one of the weird ones that prefers Turbo's to high revving NA engine. I'd even pay 50k for one with the n54 and LSD and a bit lighter then the oner.
Haven't seen confirmation but logic says that N54 application in the Z4 is likely.
This seems the march of events in nearly all BMW models. God knows the Z4's engine bay could easily accomodate it.

Also this. New Z4 prototype. Look closely - Interior with fat-suit.
Somehow I'm getting this safe-sex subtext perhaps underscored by the grace of the girl's hands and wonderful hygenics going on with fingernails.
Also note i-Drive in center console located next to passenger breast. Sign of upscale aspirations [ re: fantasy for middle-aged men]for the next model.

This is not a "spy-pic" in the sense that most of us think of. Instead, it is a deliberately posed photo taken with a top-quality state-of-the-art digital camera by BMW and "leaked" to the press. It is among the first "official/unofficial" representations that plays with desire/fantasy aimed directly at guys of a certain age complete with the blonde in the passenger seat.
Way to go BMW. This is why BMW is so freakin' far ahead of other car manufacturers. Not merely in engineering/design but also in knowing how to lure customers and define the "image" of the model in the minds of potential customers. The photo is insurgent publicity and incredibly smart.
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