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Thanks, fellas. I'm enjoying it, for sure. Maybe an extreme move, but fairly normal if ya know me

I know Cobb. A coworker of mine has a wicked tuned sleeper STI: a 2.5RS with the JDM 2.0 STI motor transplanted in. Lots of fun. I think he's salivating to get me to mod mine, because when I told him I bought one, about 4 names of tuners were discussed in the first 10 minutes, LOL.

I'm not sure about the reflash, I'll have to ask the dealer when I take it in for its first service.

I viewed this as "insurance." I have no idea how the 1er will drive, and who knows what the new EVO and STI will be like. This one I know I like... So I can drive it for a year, or two, and move on... Or keep on hammerin' with the giant black wing