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Jeez me out...!!!
I about fell over logging onto the site.
I've seen the LeftLane photos. I was going to post them. But I'm glad you did.

Probably every person on the site thinks about cars...waaaaay too much.
And the new Z dances in my head.
But I'm ready for a change.

The Z will be gorgeous car...and it looks like Bangle and Co. are going to hang such big cojones on the next one there'll be no question as to how Masculine the beast is. The thing looks like a phallus on wheels.

But like the other guys have said it'll be more expensive and bigger. BMW is going with the made in Germany cache as part of the justification on price.
Won't be referred to as the Bubba Bimmer anymore. Doubtful any Z owner will miss that.
I could get used to the folding hardtop...but there goes the trunkspace.

So no, I'm 100% certain the 1-er coupe is my car.
But I will be checking the Z4 closely when it comes out...there's always the next one.