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Originally Posted by inTgr8r View Post
I've followed this closely for a while now. (for obvious reasons \/below\/ )

JMO, but you can bet the farm it will cost more than the current Z4.
It's getting BIGGER, & moving up to a higher rent district.
It will also be a tin roof vert.
It will eventually get the M3 V8, but only after the base car has been out a year or two (AKA the new Z4M)
The initial offering will be the N54;
look at the pics, two single pipes & an interfooler behind the front grill.

This will leave room for BMW to come out with a new Z2.
- which is the car I'm waiting for....
Smaller & lighter with the N54 engine:biggrin::biggrin:
Yeah your right. It is moving up b/c of the alleged Z2. Could you imagine a smaller car with the N54??? Sheesh. Dont hold your breath though. Your kids might have kids before that thing comes. BMW has too ma ny things on the pipeline. I mean the F3, X6, new 7, M1, X2, X3 replacement. Its safe to say a Z2 is faaaar down the list.
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